Kenya will build a SPP for a flower farm

Credible Blooms, a world-wide producer and exporter of roses, plans to build a solar station in Rumuruti. It is reported by Sunnik.

The company specializes in growing high-quality, market-specific sorts of roses in combination with sustainable production methods. It uses modern technology in the field of fertilizer and water use.

Credible Blooms also decided to use solar power to grow roses. The planned 100 kW solar power plant will provide electricity to a flower farm in Rumuruti. Using a solar power plant will help reduce energy costs and prevent the emission of 104 tons of CO2 per year.

Earlier it was reported that East Africa launched a SPP with a capacity of 50 MW. It will be able to provide electricity to 70,000 households (about 350,000 people) in Kenya.

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