46 SPPs are planned to be commissioned in Kirovohrad region

In the territory of 16 districts and 2 cities over the next three years, it is planned to launch 46 solar power stations. Their estimated capacity will be 500 MW. Electricity produced by SPPs will replace 17 million cubic meters of natural gas or 600 rail cars of coal.

In Novoarkhanhelsky district, it is planned to commission a mini-HPP with a capacity of 93 kW. In the region, for the first time, it is planned to build a wind farm in the territory of Dobrovelichkovsky (capacity of 2 MW, project cost is $20 million) and Svetlovodsk districts.

At the end of 2019, the first in the region biogas station with a capacity of up to 20 MW is planned to be launched at the Novomirhorod Sugar Plant. The station will be able to process different types of waste. The estimated cost of the project is €15 million. 10-15 new jobs will be created to maintain this installation.  

Green-Volt Ltd. builds a power plant that will work on sunflower waste in Holovanevsk. A complex of equipment, working on the method of combined production of electric and thermal power with the capacity of 6 MW, has already been installed.

It is planned to implement the first energy service agreement in Ukraine with external lighting in Novoukrainsk territorial community.

Now in 33 cities and 11 districts of the Kirovohrad region there are 33 SPPs with a total capacity of about 100 MW. "In 2018, 13 solar power stations were put into operation and 29 million kWh of electricity was generated, which is 2% of the total amount of electricity produced in the region", said Oleksandr Kornjuscha, the Director of the Department of the territorial community, “2019 is also expected to be quite fruitful for the implementation of alternative energy projects”.

Source: elektrovesti


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