Hydrogen trolleybuses started working in Latvia

In the capital of Latvia, Riga, hydrogen fuel trolleybuses began to operate, Ecotown reports.

Transport entered route No. 4 Central Market - Šmerlis.

In December last year, the Danish company Nel Hydrogen commissioned a station for the production, storage and refueling of hydrogen, where trolleybuses will be refueling.

In mid-February, representatives of the company carried out the latest work on setting up equipment, and since early March, the station has been operating in test mode.

The first tests were successful, but the company wants to be 100% sure that everything works flawlessly. Therefore, the station will begin to work fully in a few months, but for now only trolleybuses can refuel on it.

A hydrogen-filled trolleybus can ride up to 150 kilometers; refueling lasts about 10 minutes. Now the municipal enterprise Riga Communication uses ten hydrogen fuel trolleybuses.


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