Lithuania launched electric buses that are made from plastic bottles

The Lithuanian company Vejo Projektai has developed electric buses, the main feature of which is the material – they are made of plastic bottles, Ecotown reports.

Dancer electric buses run on Klaipeda city routes.

The key features of the model were the rear of the body, made with a reverse tilt, as well as a screen built into the rear panel. The display, which faces pedestrians and cars driving behind, can display both information about the route of the electric bus and ads.

The body of the 12-meter electric bus is made of composite material, the bulk of which is recycled plastic bottles. Dancer can take on board up to 93 passengers – to facilitate boarding of low-mobility passengers, a peeling system is provided that lowers the body towards the sidewalk, as well as a ramp.

электробус Dancer в Литве


For the driver, a fully digital instrument panel and additional vertical screens are provided on each side of it, since Dancer is equipped with video cameras instead of traditional rear-view mirrors.

Dancer uses 60 kWh Toshiba lithium titanate batteries. Batteries can be fully charged in 10 minutes.

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