An offshore SPP in the Netherlands has survived Storm Ciara

In 2017, 6 Dutch companies and research organizations launched the Zon-op-Zee (“Sun at Sea”) project, Renen reports.

At the end of last year, a project participant, Oceans of Energy installed the world's first offshore floating solar farm in the North Sea of ​​the Netherlands.

In January 2020, the number of modules of the solar station was increased from 28 to 56, and the capacity of the facility increased from 8.5 to 17 kW.

The Oceans of Energy marine solar system is designed and tested to withstand waves up to 13 meters high, which is a unique engineering achievement.

In February 2020, the solar farm successfully survived Storm Ciara, during which there was a strong wind, and the wave height exceeded 5 meters. The design, including the mooring system and pontoons, remained stable and operational.

Oceans of Energy estimates that offshore solar energy can provide “half of the total energy needs of the Netherlands, using only 5% of the North Sea for this”.

It was previously reported that due to the storm, wind farms in Germany covered about 60% of the country's electricity consumption.

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