New York may build a skyscraper equipped with wind turbines and solar facades

It is proposed to build a 160-storey residential skyscraper with wind turbines, green walls and photovoltaic facades In New York, on Roosevelt Island, Ecotown reports.

The Mandragore New York project was created by the Parisian architectural studio Rescubika.

The building will be 737 meters high. It will have 36 wind turbines, 1,600 trees, 24,500 square meters of green walls and 7,000 square meters of photovoltaic facades.

The project provides for the use of wood materials and heat pumps.

Mandragore New York also promotes the concept of "energy moderation", which aims to reduce energy consumption through lifestyle and social transformation. This is expressed, in particular, in limiting the production and consumption of goods and services to an appropriate level.

“People could work from home, reducing suburban traffic – each apartment will have an office,” the architects note. "The skyscraper is intended to become a part of the city that positively interacts with people and their territory, will take into account the carbon footprint, which should become neutral by 2050."

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