The wind farm with a capacity of 32.4 MW will be wired up in Odesa region

Turkish “Guris Holding Co” has built a wind farm in the Ovidiopolsky district of the Odessa region. Its capacity is 32.4 MW. The RES will be 26 wind energy object in Ukraine. Wind energy units are higher than 130 meters.

The find farm is planned to be comissioned in the end of March. It was built in fall 2018, but due to licensing problems the start of the work was postponed.

“When a new company enters the market, it causes difficulties, as it does not have the competencies, experience and capabilities that existing players have”, commented Andriy Konechenkov, the Head of the board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, for the delay in commissioning.

The Head of the Ovidopilsky District State Administration, Ihor Ilchenko, reported that commissioning work is being carried out.

Source: elektrovesti


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