The Verkhovna Rada has registered a draft law on guarantees of the “green” tariff for household SPPs

The people's deputies Viktoria Voitsitska and Oleksiy Ryabchin registered the draft law No.10333, which was developed jointly with the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy.

It is noted that it will solve the problems of small household SPPs, which arose after the adoption of 8449-d.

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Posted by Спілка Активних Споживачів і Проз'юмерів on Monday, 27 May 2019

The draft law will allow completing and receiving a “green” tariff for household SPPs until the end of the year according to the rules that were before the notorious #Amendments24.

Priority promotion of “small” household SPPs is being introduced since 2020 – up to 10 kW.

“This is how the supporters of small distributed generation wanted, which does not overload the electrical networks”, the message says.

Also, since 2020, the possibility of building large home SES without location restrictions - up to 50 kW has been introduced.

“If not to abuse, the “green” tariff is reduced by 20% from the current version of the law. We act with economic incentives, not total bans. Everyone will be able to make decisions himself, when and where it is profitable for him to build home SPP”, the Association notes.

In addition, the new draft law provides for a technical solution to the problem of setting “green” tariffs by the Energy and utilities the National Regulatory Commission for both the “old” and the new home SPPs/wind farms and combined home SPP+wind farm, which arose after the adoption of the #Amendment24.

Source: epravda

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