The Ministry of Energy proposes to hold "green" auctions for 365 MW next year

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine proposes determining an annual quota for supporting the production of renewable electricity in the amount of 365 MW in 2021, Energoreforma reports.

At the suggestion of the Ministry of Energy, the total quota for 2021 and indicative forecast indicators for 2022-2025 are 2,345 GW, according to UARE.

In 2021, a quota of 365 MW: 155 MW for SPPs, 150 MW for wind farms, 60 MW for others is proposed;

2022 – 420 MW: 170 MW for SPPs, 170 MW for wind farms, 80 MW for others;

2023 – 470 MW: 180 MW for SPPs, 190 MW for wind farms, 100 MW for others;

2024 – 520 MW: 190 MW for SPPs, 210 MW for wind farms, 120 MW for others;

2025 – 570 MW: 200 MW for SPPs, 230 MW for wind farms, 140 MW for others.

The schedule of the auctions for 2021 was also presented. The first pilot auction will be held in June 2021, with a quota of 50 MW for solar power plants and 50 MW for wind farms. 2 more auctions are scheduled for October and November 2021.

The Ministry of Energy is finalizing preparations for holding "green" auctions.

As reported, the Ministry of Energy plans to pay off debts to the renewable energy producers by the end of 2020.

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