A mirror solar power plant began to work in the United States

In Arizona, a Solana solar power station with mirror concentrates and steam boilers has been launched.

Mirrors concentrate sunlight heating a heat transfer fluid — synthetic oil that must circulate in pipes located under the gutters.

The heated a heat transfer fluid enters the steam boilers and heats the water, which turns into steam and rotates 140 megawatt turbines producing electricity.

Thanks to the system of accumulation of thermal energy, SPP produces electricity for 6 hours after sunset.

The Solana solar station consists of 2.700 parabolic mirrors, whose gutters occupy an area of ​​7.7 square kilometers.

Now Solana can provide electricity to about 70 thousand households.

In Arizona, it is planned to build another 4 solar power plants with mirror concentrates with a capacity of 470 MW.

Recall that Facebook is building a huge solar station in West Texas.  The project will occupy about 18 square kilometers – more than five times the size of Central Park in New York.

Source: ecotown.com.ua


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