Renewable energy generation exceeds coal in some hours in Ukraine

The output of renewable energy power to the network of the IPS of Ukraine for the first time began to exceed the production of electricity from coal combustion, Ecotown reports.

Solar and wind power plants produce more electricity in separate hours than coal-fired power plants.

According to the dispatch data of Ukrenergo, this happened on March 15 for the first time. On this day, due to favorable weather conditions, for 4 hours from 11-00 to 15-00 renewable generation produced a higher power than the coal-fired thermal power plants. The record maximum was reached at 13 hours at the level of 2,978 MW, while the capacity of TPPs in operation at that time amounted to 2,294 MW. A similar situation also repeated on March 18 and 19.

In 2019, the total capacity of renewable energy facilities in Ukraine (including the territory of Burshtyn TPP) increased three times – from 2.3 to 6.8 GW (as of January 2020).

According to the forecast, in 2020 the installed capacity of renewable energy facilities will increase to at least 7.4 GW.

According to the conclusions of NPC Ukrenergo, to ensure stable operation of the power system and the integration of additional renewable energy capacities, it is necessary to build 2 GW of new highly maneuverable peak-reserve generating capacities and 200 MW of energy storages.

To recap, Ukrenergo said that quarantine could lead to a decrease in electricity consumption in March by 8%.

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