A powerful Prymorska wind farm with a capacity 200 MW was launched in Ukraine

DTEK has completed the construction of Prymorska wind farm. 52 wind turbines with a total capacity of 200 MW have already begun to produce clean electricity, journalist of Kosatka.Media, who personally visited the station, reports.

Prymorska wind farm is one of the largest wind farms in Ukraine (together with Botievska wind farm), located in Zaporizhzhia region. It consists of two stages of construction – near Prymorsk and near Botievo, at a distance of 50 km from each other. Each of wind farms have 26 wind turbines.

“Zaporizhzhia region is one of the best in terms of introducing renewable energy sources, volume and quantity, as well as Dnipropetrovsk. These areas are leaders and show how to work with business to attract investors and economically developa region”, said Yurii Shafarenko, Director of Renewable Energy Sources Department of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency at the opening of the station.

Both stages of Prymorska wind farm will generate about 700 million kWh of clean electricity annually. This is enough to supply 360 thousand premises.

At the same time, Prymorska wind farm is able to reduce CO2 emissions by 750 thousand tons annually.

Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andriy Konechenkov noted that the wind farm is not only an example of creating a new competitive market. It is also the best example of how wind power has a positive impact on the environment.

“At Botievska station, for example, there are beehives that produce honey. Every kilowatt of electricity produced by such a station is not only an investment in the region and Ukraine, but also an investment in the health of our nation and the extension of the lives of our people”, Konechenkov said.

The total project cost is 321 million euros. Of these, 180 million are foreign investments.

“The financing of this project was carried out by a consortium of German banks with the active participation of the German government. And this is an example of how a Ukrainian company can implement international projects with the best partners”, said Maksym Tymchenko, Director General of DTEK.

Facts about Prymorska wind farm:

  • An innovative digital substation technology was used at Primorska wind farm for the first time in Ukraine.
  • Two stages were built by over 500 employees.
  • Ukrainian contractors received orders for 30 million euros during the construction of the second stage.
  • The height of the tower of the windmill is 110 meters (this is higher than the Motherland Monument in Kyiv). The length of the blade is 65 meters, the depth of the foundation for a wind turbine is 16-24 meters (the depth of the Sea of ​​Azov is 14 meters).
  • The second stage of Prymorska wind farm will produce 8% more electricity annually, due to the larger diameter of the wind wheel - 137m versus 130 of the first stage of the wind farm. There are no other differences between the stages.
  • Wind turbines of 3.8 megawatt class manufactured by General Elektric were installed at the wind farm.

Wind farm infrastructure equipment manufacturers:

  • power transformers with a capacity of 55 MVA – SGB company, Germany;
  • HYPact – GE Germany;
  • Equipment for the automation system – GE Germany;
  • 35 kV closed switchgear –ABB, Germany;
  • 35 kV cable systems – ABB, Germany.

Ukrainian materials and equipment: the entire project volume of reinforcing steel, components for the production of concrete mix, varnish for the construction of internal roads, prefabricated reinforced concrete products of local factories, anchor supports for overhead lines of 150 kV, cable products for voltage of 10 kV.

Historical note: The construction of the station began in 2011, in 2014 it was suspended. The project was resumed in 2016. The construction of the 1st stage started in January 2018, the 2nd – in November 2018. Since March 2019, wind turbines of the wind farm began to be connected to the Unified Energy System of Ukraine in order to gradually introduce clean electricity.

Recall, on October 31, Ukraine launched the powerful Pokrovska SPP with a capasity of 240 MW.

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