The share of renewable energy has increased in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the share of renewable energy for 8 months of 2020 increased to 13.3% versus 8.9% for the same period in 2019, Economichna Pravda reports.

The ratio of electricity generated in Ukraine in August by type of generation is as follows:

- renewable energy sources (solar, wind power) - 10.7% (+ 5.5 p.p. against August 2019)

- hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage stations - 5.9% (+1.7 pp);

- nuclear power plants - 52.1% (+2.2 pp);

- thermal power plants - 30% (-9.2 pp);

- others - 1.4% (-0.1 pp).

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine and Denmark discussed the prospects for the implementation of green energy and energy efficiency projects.

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