3.6 GW offshore wind farm to be built in the UK

Off the eastern coast of Great Britain, in the North Sea region, the world's largest marine wind park with a capacity of 3.6 GW will be build. It is reported by Mind.ua.

SSE and Equinor will be involved in the construction of a wind farm.

The cost of electricity produced will be lower than at coal-fired power plants. The construction of the park will begin in January 2020, and commissioning is scheduled for 2023.

The project won one of its electricity sales contracts during an auction in the UK last Friday. In general, 5.5 GW of power was distributed between several offshore wind farms – this is enough to supply 7 million houses.

The cost of electricity was fixed – $49.7, which is 31% lower than at a similar auction two years earlier.

Just a few years ago, electricity from offshore wind farms was very expensive. However, the development of technology has significantly reduced its cost. Modern offshore wind farms compete with fossil fuel power plants. In the future, the price of electricity for them will become even lower, experts are sure.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK a solar power station that feeds the railway line had been built.

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