Great Britain will create a ‘green energy island’

Britain will turn the Shetland Islands into a ‘green energy island’, according to Ecotown.

The £2.8 million Orion project aims to support the decarbonization of oil and gas by industrially producing hydrogen for export.

The funds will be invested in the production of green hydrogen from offshore wind power, the electrification of offshore platforms, the provision of alternative fuels for vehicles and ships, and the diversification of the energy supply chain to the Shetland Islands.

“Orion has tremendous potential to transform the UK energy landscape,” said Infrastructure Director John Smith. “The project could provide 821 jobs in the Shetland Islands by 2050, while simultaneously creating a clean energy hub model that could create more than 5,000 jobs across Scotland.”

The Scottish Government has allocated a total of £16.5 million for CZT projects, including Orion's stake.

To recap, renewable energy generation in the EU has become 50% cheaper than generation based on fossil fuels.

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