Japan developed solar sails for ships

The Japanese company Eco Marine Power has developed a prototype of retractable sails equipped with solar cells to convert solar energy into electricity, Ecotown reports.

“This is an updated version of the prototype, which is part of the general renewable energy system for ships – Aquarius MRE, also developed by Eco Marine Power”, the company said. “Solar panels will provide extra energy at zero emissions”.

The height of the retractable sails is 6 meters, the design allows them to be modernized during the entire period of operation of the vessel, taking into account future technologies.

The Aquarius MRE project includes the development of wind turbines and solar panels for cargo ships and cruise liners. Such a system has already been installed on several ships, and EnergySail testing will enable the integration of technological energy solutions. It is expected that the installation of retractable sails with solar cells on the ship would begin in 2020.

Earlier it was reported that in the Azores had launched a hybrid renewable energy source.

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