The Verkhovna Rada rejected a ban on the installation of home solar stations on the ground

Today, in the Verkhovna Rada, in addition to the “language” draft law (which was finally adopted), a draft law to change the support system for renewable energy is also being considered – switching from the “green” tariff to auctions.

During the consideration of the draft law in the second reading, the Verkhovna Rada rejected an amendment prohibiting the installation of home solar power plants on the ground and then adopted it along with the law. Revision 24 was introduced in the draft law before the second reading and suggested that household solar power plants with a capacity of up to 50 kW (now in law the maximum household SPP with a green tariff can have a power of 30 kW) to receive a "green" tariff should be located exclusively on roofs or facades of capital constructions.

The ban was caused by cases of unlawful use of the right of private households to sell the generated “green” electricity to the network at a “green” tariff:

“Some entrepreneurs buy whole streets in abandoned villages and hook up whole garlands of “home” SPPs. Although, in essence, this is a manipulation tool to support the households in order to avoid licensing. These amendments were originally sent to solve this problem”,  wrote on his page Andriy Zinchenko, one of the founders of Greencubator, a champion of distributed generation and the free electricity market. But at the same time, he, like a number of other “green” experts, called for this revision to be abolished as the one that “violates the rights of citizens and is harmful for distributed generation”:

“Prohibiting the installation of home ground stations in practice will lead to the fact that few Ukrainians will be able to install SPP more than 10 kW, since the object of greater capacity will not fit on the roofs”.

Actually, the deputies rejected this amendment firstly and then adopted it along with the draft law while voting.

ВР з подачі ПЕК Олександра Домбровського щойно проголосувала за вбивство зеленого тарифу для домогосподарств #КакКотят

Posted by Andrij Zinchenko on Thursday, 25 April 2019

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