Wind farms in Germany covered about 60% of electricity consumption due to storm

During storm Sabina (February 9-10), land and offshore wind farms in Germany covered about 60% of the country's electricity consumption. It is reported by Ecotown.

Periodically, about 43.7 GW of wind electricity was supplied to the German power system. For comparison, the previous record was set at 43.4 GW.

According to the representative of the Amprion operator, storm Sabina was a big problem for network operators, since the power supply from the wind turbines was uneven, and the wind engines were disconnected if there were too many gusts. According to Amprion and Tennet, there was no damage to the high-voltage lines from the storm.

In 2019, Germany's renewable sources accounted for about 43% of electricity consumption.

To recap, environmental activists blocked thermal power plants for several hours in Germany, advocating for climate protection.

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