France launched a floating SPP with a capacity of 17 MW

The largest floating solar power station in Europe was commissioned in the south of France. It is reported by EkoTekhnika.

Work on the O’MEGA1 project began in 2014 at the site of an abandoned quarry that was flooded. The station’s annual capacity will be enough to provide electricity for 4.733 houses, which will help to avoid the emission of 1.096 tons of CO2. Its capacity is 17 MW.

The peculiarity of the project is that individuals living in the region can take part in financing the project.

“By opening Europe’s largest floating solar power plant, we demonstrate that combating climate change requires collective effort. The goal of this project is to encourage interested citizens to provide financial assistance to this”, said Eric Scotto, co-founder of Akuo Energy.

The World Bank conducted a study in which it showed that if at least 1% of the artificial reservoirs were used, the global capacity of floating solar stations would be 400 GW. In France, this potential is estimated at 20 GW.

Earlier it was reported that the largest floating solar power station in Europe with a capacity of 48 MW would be built in Holland. The facility has to be commissioned in mid-2020.

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