New biogas plant launched in Lviv region

A new biogas power plant has been launched in the Lviv region. The plant will produce more than 800 thousand cubic meters of gas per year, as well as renewable energy for about 735 families, according to the Voice of Sokalshchyna

“Thanks to the biogas power plant built here, 38 hectares of a landfill, emitting millions of cubic meters of toxic landfill gas, will become a source of energy for the surrounding households. According to our calculations, thanks to this object, more than 2 million cubic meters of methane, which is 30 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide, will not be emitted into the atmosphere,” the message says.

Landfill gas is produced during the anaerobic (without air access) decomposition of organic waste residues (food remains, leaves, branches, etc.). Usually, this gas is one of the causes of fires and explosions in landfills. Such fires are difficult to extinguish because they do not burn on the surface but in the depths of the landfill. 

To ensure the reliability of the process, the plant is equipped with Austrian Jenbacher equipment that is used in biogas projects throughout Europe.

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