Hydrogen will help Ukraine attracting up to €20 billion in investments

The hydrogen economy is an exciting area for Ukraine. The interest in hydrogen is already enormous in the world. And Ukraine has significant potential to provide Europe with hydrogen.

Oleksii Ivanchenko, executive director of the state agency UkraineInvest, told about this during the round table "Hydrogen economy: a road map."

According to the European Commission, the total amount of hydrogen investments until 2030 will amount to €430 billion. It is planned to spend €220 billion on hydrogen production, of which 160 will be directed to obtaining hydrogen from renewable sources of solar and wind power plants.

“According to the approved plans of the European Union, Ukraine has already been allocated the creation of 10 GW of capacities for the production of “green ”hydrogen. This can additionally create an inflow of investments in the amount of up to €20 billion,” he said.

According to independent experts, Ukraine currently has the second largest renewable energy potential in Europe. Four regions of the south – Kherson, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia regions – are capable of meeting half of the EU countries' energy needs, Ivanov notes.

Our gas transmission system for transporting hydrogen to European countries is also of great interest.

Studies show that today it is possible to transport a gas mixture containing up to 25% hydrogen, 16 million cubic meters of hydrogen now, and another 10 – within four years.

Also, the Ministry of Energy was considering the possibility of building a hydrogen production plant in Ukraine, Ivanov added.

To recap, Ukraine has been identified as a priority partner in the hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 due to its potential for producing "green" hydrogen and the existing infrastructure connected to the EU.

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