€3.7 billion was invested in renewable energy in Ukraine in 2019

In 2019, about €3.7 billion were invested in a record 4,500 MW of renewable energy capacity in Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency.

Thanks to investments, business activity, incentives and harnessing the potential of this sphere, in 2019 Ukraine rose to eighth place in the rating of investment attractiveness of the “green” energy of developing countries. In 2018, the country occupied a modest 63rd place.

The existing “clean” energy capacities make it possible to annually produce more than 8.4 billion kWh of electricity (about 5.5% of total production) and provide electricity to more than 3.3 million households.

Recall that in April 2020, the first auctions were planned, the main purpose of which is to reduce the cost of “clean” energy for consumers and increase competition between investors.

Earlier it was reported that for investments in renewables of Ukraine €20 billion are needed.

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