“Green and coal paradox” of Ukraine: for each SPP in the country a hot reserve of thermal power plants of 20–100% of its capacity is required

The Head of NNEGC Ukrenergo, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, recalled that the sun does not shine around the clock and it is uneven during the year – in the equivalent of the total capacity of the power plant, it is approximately 15% of the time per year. And the difference in electricity production in the winter day and summer can reach dozens of times.

“For a solar plant with a capacity of 200 MW, it is necessary to constantly maintain additional “hot” reserves in the amount of 40-80 MW for reloading and the same amount for unloading”, said Vsevolod Kovalchuk,the Head of NNEGC Ukrenergo in a publication on NV.Biznes.

The required capacity for reloading/unloading means an affordable opportunity to reduce electricity production at TPPs, but not to turn off the unit, “because in five minutes a cloud will run and the power deficit will have to be replenished again”, Mr. Kovalchuk notes.

But for old and not fully modernized Ukrainian TPPs, this means that “in order to ensure a stable power supply, along with 200 MW of SPP must operate one and a half or even two units of 200 MW of TPPs (they also often fail, do not forget). It is the ecological sadness”, explains the Head of the NEEGC.

As a result, the construction of a SPP of 200 MW in the Dnipropetrovsk region will increase electricity production at the Pridneprovsk and Kryvyi Rih thermal power plants (with which SPP will be balanced) under more expensive, maneuverable modes, but will reduce production in more economical permanent modes, as well as at nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

“In the meantime, in the Ukrainian reality, the development of renewable sources creates competition not for thermal power plants, but for nuclear power plants. We called this situation the “green andcoal paradox”.

“100% clean renewable energy is high and the right goal for the whole world. My own as well. But not at such a price and not by such methods as it happens in our country. It is necessary to radically change the state policy in this area, and urgently”, summed up the Head of Ukrenergo.


Source: biz.nv.ua

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