«Энергоатом-Трейдинг» выставил на продажу 11,2 тыс. МВт-ч электроэнергии для экспорта

Электроэнергия, приобретенная на аукционе, подлежит исключительно дальнейшей продаже и/или поставке за пределы территории Украины (осуществление экспорта электрической энергии из ОЭС Украины).

Boyko: It will not be possible to pay off the debts of the old energy market this year

The Ministry says that it will be necessary to return to this issue next year.

Ukrenergo connected Kakhovska substation to Zaporizhzhia NPP

Network restrictions will be removed, and the possibility of supplying the capacity of Zaporizhzhia NPP of 6000 MW will be provided. This, in turn, will increase the share of nuclear power plants in t...

Naftogaz third Quarter and nine months 2020 financial results: Improvements deliver cash in a difficult environment

Reported loss for the quarter was UAH 5.5 billion, compared with a loss of UAH 4.8 billion for the third quarter of 2019

Brent price went up to $48.89 per barrel

Chinese and Indian refiners are actively buying crude for delivery in January, which indicates strong demand in Asia.

Naftogaz received permission to develop offshore gas fields

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution allowing Naftogaz to engage in developing and producing natural gas from offshore fields.

Guaranteed Buyer has already transferred the second payment for the "green" electricity in November

The state-owned enterprise made an advance payment for electricity, producers from renewable sources generated within 20 days of the month.

Regional gas companies owe almost UAH 1 billion to the Ukrainian GTS Operator

In October, GTSOU received positive court decisions in the first three cases against regional gas companies on debt compensation for a total of UAH 237.5 million. Now, 19 similar cases are pending bef...

Gazprom believes that American LNG is unsuitable for ensuring the energy security of large countries

It is estimated that by 2030 the bulk of the increase in LNG imports would come from the Asia-Pacific region, including China, which would increase purchases in addition to increasing imports of Russi...

The Ministry of Energy will continue to move towards the development of renewable energy and contribute to improving energy efficiency

Buslavets announced the beginning of the transformation of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, which should become a key cross-sectoral body for the implementation of the state policy of the "green...

Energoatom joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

The company received an official notification of its inclusion in the Alliance and an invitation to participate in the European Hydrogen Forum.

Oil prices rise to March level: Brent is trading above $48 per barrel

Investors remain optimistic about the demand outlook due to news of the development of coronavirus vaccines.