The Cabinet of Ministers approved the debt restructuring of “Kyivteploenergo” to “Naftogaz”

Debt obligations to pay for natural gas of the municipal enterprise “Kyivteploenergo” to NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy” are subject to restructuring by installments for 60 months in equal parts from the 1st...

Cheap electricity from sea waves

Scientists in Britain and Italy have developed a technology that allows getting cheap electricity using sea waves.

Regional gas companies want to install meters without “Naftogaz”. They ask to review tariffs and standards.

Money provided for in the meters installation tariff is not enough. Moreover, it is not profitable for people to install meters, as the new standards adopted by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers d...

Austrian HPPs produce 65% of country’s electricity

Renewables produce more than 73% of electricity in Austria.

Turkish company will construct solar farms with a capacity of 160 MW in Ukraine

Turkish “EMSOLT” will make a number of projects on solar farms construction with a total capacity of more than 160 MW.

Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission will audit regional gas companies because of illegally assessed gas volumes

The State Regulatory Service allows the Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission to check gas transmission system operators.

Biogas plant will be launched ate end of summer 2019 in Dnipro

Water Service Company in Dnipro finishes the construction of biogas complex for the recycling of wastewater slime and electricity production and plans the launching on July - August 2019.

On the border with Crimea a new wind farm with a capacity of 133 MW will be installed

German company “Nordex” enters the Ukrainian market. It will install 34 wind turbines for “Sivash” wind farm on the border with Crimea.

“Energy efficiency programs implementation by the government do not meet the schedule” – NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy”

“Naftogaz” company answered to the concern of Volodymyr Groysman of non-compliance “20/20” program.

SOE “Ukrenergo” became a joint-stock company

The Ministry of Finance signed the order on the transformation of the state-owned enterprise NPC “Ukrenergo” into a joint-stock company.

“Russia will protect the Baltic sea by all forces without red lines” – Pavlo Klimkin

The Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin announced that Russia will start “another interference logic” if it cannot receive 30 million euros for gas transit, which it rece...

Bio-TPP are preparing to capacity balancing market. And they ask not to lower their “green” tariff.

Electricity from biomass and biogas will not be cheaper than from the sun or wind, but it has a number of arguments in order to increase its state support and not to reduce the “green” tariff.