Ukrainian scientists: there is pure hydrogen in Rivne region

Its production requires special wells.

China will allow foreign companies to produce oil and gas

New rules come into force from May of this year.

Excess supply lowered autogas prices

Now the Ukrainian market has low demand for autogas.

PepsiCo shifts to renewable energy

The company shifts its production in the USA to renewable energy sources.

Naftogaz has appointed Chief Transformation officer

Otto Waterlander will be in charge of Naftogaz group’s transformation

6 thousand employees of coal-fired power plants will be fired in Germany

Non-environmental coal stations will be closed in the next 10 years.

Gas Market Association supports tariff revision of gas distribution networks operator

The point is including the volume of production and technological gas costs in the tariff.

Belarus reaches 411 MW of renewables

Electricity generating capacity of Belarusian renewables has grown 8 times for the past 10 years.

United Arab Emirates invests $105 million in the world's “green” energy

UAE will invest in projects in several countries.

The Verkhovna Rada did not raise excise tax on LPG

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No.1210.

Makohon does not support the construction of the Poland-Ukraine interconnector

The project cost is estimated at $200 million.

Fires in Australia impact roof solar stations

SPPs produce less electricity.