IAEA Director General Statement says wildwires in Chornobyl pose no threat

Informing the IAEA about the occurrence of the wildfires, Ukraine said the gamma dose rate levels in the vicinity of the Chornobyl NPP were “not exceeding the reference levels”.

Interview: FORATOM’s Director General on private nuclear power plants, green hydrogen and problems of Ukraine

Yves Desbazeille on the problems and future of the nuclear industry in Ukraine and Europe

Ukraine to strengthen the protection of NPPs and HPPs

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have tightened the protection of critical infrastructure facilities.

The power unit of the South Ukrainian NPP was connected to the grid, 14 units are operating in the power system

The software has been updated at the power unit.

Macron in favour of integrating nuclear into EU green taxonomy

The EU taxonomy is a classification system, establishing a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities.

When ZNPP power unit No.2 was being connected to the network, an automatic shutdown was triggered

The engineering support team investigates the reasons for the protection trip.

Belarus received a note of protest from Lithuania over the intention to launch the 2nd unit of the BelNPP

Lithuania also demands to suspend the operation of the first power unit of the nuclear power plant.

Cyberpolice advised Energoatom to contact the SBU

Even though there are no complaints about hacking the website.

Energoatom on website hacking: hackers have nothing to do with it

Energoatom reported all the news on the company's website had disappeared.

Westinghouse and Energoatom agreed to build two power units at KhNPP

The companies signed two cooperation agreements.

Rivne NPP’s power unit was disconnected from the power system

Energoatom says 14 power units will operate during the autumn-winter period.

Belarus announced the resumption of electricity exports to Ukraine

It is specified that the export is carried out in accordance with the contract signed for November.