Guaranteed Buyer announces the longest auction for the sale of renewable electricity

На аукцион выставили чистую электроэнергию из разных источников.

Gazprom booked a third of Yamal-Europe's capacity for December 2

It booked the same volumes in the previous months, as well as on December 1.

Kalush CHP was sold at auction

The starting price was UAH 230 million.

Ukrenergo announced changes in the auctions for the distribution of capacity

The company received a court ruling to open an appeal proceeding on DTEK's complaint.

Gazprom has not booked capacities for Q1-2022 via Ukraine and Poland

The company declined to book additional transit capacity through Ukraine and Poland for the first quarter of 2022.

Energoatom bought out almost all available capacity for import of electricity from Belarus in November

A total of 16 companies took part in the auction.