Oil prices decrease: Brent is trading at $74.63 per barrel

Oil prices are decreasing amid fears over the spread of the coronavirus.

Spot gas price in Europe increased by 5% in just a day

Gas prices in Europe have set another record since March 2018.

Brent went up to $74.8 per barrel

Data from the American Petroleum Institute showed a decline in US stocks last week.

Azerbaijani company is considering the possibility of investing in Ukrainian subsoil

Ukrainian Geological Survey’s Chairman told the foreign partners about the existing proposals regarding the development of hydrocarbon deposits.

Brent price fell to $71.87 per barrel

Oil quotations are declining amid the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta strain.

Brent price went down to $68.91 per barrel

Oil quotations declined on Wednesday on data on an unexpected increase in US stocks last week.