Pakistan petrol retailers start nationwide strike as profit margins drop

The country’s Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has said it would try to curb the impact of the strike, adding that and any disruptions would be met with legal action.

Almost half a thousand gas stations work with violations: Shmyhal was informed about the danger

The Oil and Gas Association informed the Prime Minister about violations across the retail fuel market.

The SFS discovered 200 tons of illegal fuel in Odesa region

The estimated cost of fuels and lubricants is over UAH 7 million.

An enterprise that sold fuels and lubricants without permits exposed in Mykolaiv region

Fuel and lubricants worth almost UAH1.4 million was seized.

Brent went up to $72.54 per barrel

The traders' eyes are still on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Counterfeit liquefied gas from Russia worth UAH 58 million was found in Kharkiv region

According to the results of authorized searches, a counterfeit liquefied gas was found in the amount of 3.3 million litres.