Энергоатом: Мощность работающих энергоблоков украинских АЭС достигла наивысшего уровня за последние годы

Это стало возможным после подключения к сети энергоблока №5 Запорожской АЭС.

Ukrenergo denies information concerning rolling blackouts

Ukrenergo has identified several measures to balance the power system and cover the additional load during peak consumption hours.

Power unit No.5 of ZNPP is connected to the grid

The power unit received an extension of its life for the next 10 years.

The first unit of the Ringhals nuclear power plant is shut down in Sweden

This is the fourth unit decommissioned over the past 7 years.

Japan launches nuclear reactor capable of withstanding a direct plane crash

Its design is capable of withstanding natural disasters; it will not allow the reactor to become hazardous to the environment under any circumstances.

Vitrenko: Cancellation of the supplementary electricity benefit is an initiative of my predecessors

According to him, the first thing he started at the post of Acting Minister of Energy is a change in priorities in the distribution of money in the energy market.