Ukrenergo gave commands to unload renewable energy sources at the weekend

One of the main reasons was the decrease in electricity consumption during the weekend by 2.2% compared to the previous weekend.

New highly maneuverable capacities will help minimize the wind farm's dispatch restrictions – Kudritskyi

So far, the growth in the volume of renewable energy is mainly due to a decrease in the share of thermal generation.

At the weekend, Ukrenergo limited the production of electricity from renewable energy sources

Solar and wind power production increased 13.4% last week.

Coal stocks at Ukrainian thermal power plants fell to historic lows

Such volumes cannot guarantee the country's energy security.

Ukrenergo denies information concerning rolling blackouts

Ukrenergo has identified several measures to balance the power system and cover the additional load during peak consumption hours.

Power unit No. 1 of South Ukraine NPP was taken out of repair ahead of schedule – Energoatom

The power unit was connected to the grid.