DTEK commented on the findings of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision regarding Burshtyn TPP

The State Inspectorate drew up investigation acts of violations at the power units.

Ukrenergo will publish data on the state of settlements on the balancing market

Summary data on the balance on the special account will be published daily.

Kyivteploenergo: Ukrenergo refused to provide information on the results of its activities

Ukrenergo hides financial information on the management of financial resources on the electricity market.

Vyacheslav Kokhanov: The electricity market needs NEURCU and Ukrenergo to become a single operational and executive center

How do the balancing market participants live, what difficulties they have to face, how do they manage to earn money and what they would like to change - Kosatka.Media asked Vyacheslav Kokhanov, direc...

DTEK Energy filed a lawsuit against Ukrenergo to recover a debt of UAH 2.4 billion for work in the balancing market

The company mentioned the debt was commensurate with the size of the repair campaign for 2021.

The Regulator canceled the lower price cap for balancing electricity

The corresponding decision comes into force on March 1, 2021.