Biden orders U.S. to stop financing new carbon-intense projects abroad

The policy bans any U.S. government financing of overseas coal projects.

U.S. government to end gas-powered vehicle purchases by 2035 under Biden order

In 2020, the government spent $4.2 billion on vehicle costs.

Sanctions over Nord Stream 2: the US changes its mind

The updated bill does not include a provision that would force Biden to impose sanctions over the pipeline.

Oil prices go up after decrease last week

Benchmark crude climbs over $1/bbl.

Omicron affects OPEC+ meeting schedule

The cartel must assess the impact of the new variant of the coronavirus on oil demand and prices.

Oil prices are down by more than 2%

Эксперты считают, что распечатывание резервов нефти приведет к увеличению профицита нефти на мировом рынке.