Biden orders U.S. to stop financing new carbon-intense projects abroad

The policy bans any U.S. government financing of overseas coal projects.

U.S. government to end gas-powered vehicle purchases by 2035 under Biden order

In 2020, the government spent $4.2 billion on vehicle costs.

Sanctions over Nord Stream 2: the US changes its mind

The updated bill does not include a provision that would force Biden to impose sanctions over the pipeline.

Oil prices go up after decrease last week

Benchmark crude climbs over $1/bbl.

Omicron affects OPEC+ meeting schedule

The cartel must assess the impact of the new variant of the coronavirus on oil demand and prices.

Oil prices are down by more than 2%

Эксперты считают, что распечатывание резервов нефти приведет к увеличению профицита нефти на мировом рынке.

Oil prices continue going up after the maximum increase in two weeks

Biden agreed with Asian countries on the use of SPR.

The Department of State imposes new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

A company and two ships owned by it are subject to sanctions.

Brent price dropped to $78.68 per barrel

New quarantine restrictions in Europe shows that the growth rate of global oil demand may turn out to be weaker.

India will not use oil from strategic reserves

India has rejected a US request to open strategic oil reserves.

Oil prices increase after falling to their lowest levels in six weeks

Biden also urged Asian countries to consider selling raw materials from stocks to ease the pressure on the market.

Oil prices continue their decline

The oil market was not supported even by the data on the reduction of oil stocks in the US last week.