Tax service reveals violations at gas stations worth more than UAH 55 million

The information about the unreasonable increase in fuel prices is being checked.

Biden expected to call on Wednesday for suspending the federal gas tax, source says

Biden has pulled on numerous levers to try to lower prices.

Fuel crisis: the share of counterfeit petrol at gas stations has increased - media

The share of counterfeit petrol on the market has increased to 40%.

SSU seized assets of Belarusian fuel company

Assets were transferred to the management of the ARMA.

Vodafone launches a service that helps to find fuel

The only thing needed is to send an SMS.

Border guards on how fuel trucks cross the border

Fuel trucks go ahead of the line.

Ukraine began to use more gasoline and liquefied gas

On the other hand, the consumption of natural gas decreased during the warmer months.

Fuel stocks of all types decreased by 15-30% during the year

Diesel stocks have decreased the most.

Ukraine reduced coal consumption and increased gasoline

Gas was saved at the beginning of the year. Then they began to consume more than last year.

Energy consumption in Ukraine in February 2020

The decline in coal consumption slowed down but did not stop.