Brent went down to $62.81 amid growing US gasoline inventories

On Wednesday, the US Department of Energy announced a decrease in oil stocks in the country last week, but gasoline stocks increased.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft memorandum with oil traders

Minister of Economy Ihor Petrashko was instructed to sign the memorandum.

SFS Chairman: We must make it impossible for the illegal fuel market to exist

How does the state fight against the illegal circulation of fuel, is it possible to overcome it as a systemic phenomenon, and what danger lies in wait for the market when creating a new law enforcemen...

Brent crude is trading at $ 64.94 per barrel

Signs of rising demand for jet fuel and gasoline in the US are supporting oil prices.

The Ministry of Regional Development: Ukraine loses billions annually due to the activities of illegal gas stations

Work to identify illegal fuel trafficking continues.

В Германии проводят испытания электрического мусоровоза

В ближайшие недели на улицы Нюрнберга будет выезжать мусоровоз производства германской компании Quantron AG.

The police exposed members of a criminal group who stole oil in the Carpathian region

The theft took place under the guise of technological services.

Brent is trading at $60.77 per barrel

On Tuesday, Brent and WTI contracts fell to their lowest levels since February.

Brent price went down to $63.97 per barrel

Investors have fears that the slow pace of coronavirus vaccinations will negatively impact oil demand.

Brent price went up to $69.69 per barrel

Over the week, Brent lost 0.2%, WTI – 0.7%.

The tax police exposed a large-scale scheme for the sale of low-quality petroleum products through a chain of well-known gas stations

The approximate amount of tax evasion is about UAH 240 million.

Brent crude rose to $68.5 per barrel

Oil inventories for the week ended March 5 increased by 13.8 million barrels.