A degassing station with a capacity of 659 kW was launched near Ternopil

Общая сумма инвестиций в станцию дегазации составила €1,2 млн от украинских частных инвесторов.

The Ministry of Energy proposes to exempt energy from biofuels from taxation

Burning biofuels produces as much carbon dioxide as is absorbed by plants during growth.

We've all been walking on money: Andrii Hrynenko told how to earn by processing household waste in Ukraine

Processing household waste in Ukraine can become a profitable business, with an annual production of 4 billion m3 of biogas, equal to 5 million MWh of electricity.

Biomethane can replace 8 billion m3 of gas per year

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency has developed a draft Law of Ukraine on the development of production and consumption of biomethane.

Second stage of biogas station launched in Mariupol

After the launch of the second stage, the total capacity of the biogas plant doubled.

In the city in Sumy region, a boiler room was modernized –it will work on biomass

A Czech-made solid fuel boiler with a capacity of 2 MW has been installed in the city.

Electricity production in Ukraine: renewables showed a significant increase

Over the 12 months of 2019, Ukraine's power plants produced 153,967.1 million kWh of electricity.

Electricity generation by renewables in February 2019

Ukrainian renewables generated 251 122 MWh of electricity.

Global investment in renewable energy

Global investment in clean energy has amounted to more than $300 billion.