Electricity consumption increased only on weekdays last week – Ukrenergo

The average daily consumption decreased by 6.3% at the weekend.

Investors in renewable energy sector applied with reservations on certain clauses of a draft law on FIT

They call for an extension of FIT for at least 2 years.

BioTPP working on seed husk will build near Zaporizhzhia

BioTPP will be commissioned in one stage.

Renewables have paid almost UAH 94 billion to the budget of Ukraine for 10 years

The renewable energy sector is one of the largest in terms of foreign direct investment.

Olha Buslavets is appointed acting Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection

Vitaii Shubin was dismissed from his post.

Austria plans to switch to renewable energy by 2030

The country also plans to increase the production of solar electricity.

Tymchenko: €4 billion of investments per year – the price of renewable energy growth by 2050

This amount is necessary to increase the share of alternative sources up to 75%.

Renewable electricity producers received advance payment for February

Guaranteed Buyer paid UAH 300 million.

Producers of “green” electricity received full payment for November – UAH 2.2 billion

The amount of the last payment was UAH 420 million.

Guaranteed Buyer has paid UAH 758 million for “green” electricity since the beginning of 2020

The company continues to pay out funds for November.

The International Energy Agency has published a new report

According to the organization, the production of traditional thermal energy decreased by 4.0%.

Belarus reaches 411 MW of renewables

Electricity generating capacity of Belarusian renewables has grown 8 times for the past 10 years.