Yurii Vitrenko headed the Ministry of Energy

The order on the temporary assignment of the duties of the Minister of Energy to Yurii Boyko was declared invalid.

The Ministry of Energy will present a Roadmap for the development of hydrogen energy in Ukraine

The Ministry of Energy, together with German partners, has developed several projects aimed at achieving the goals of the decarbonization strategy and the "green" transition.

The Ministry of Energy will start paying off wage debts to miners from December 20

The finance minister confirmed that the money would be transferred to the coal enterprises in full following the law.

The Ministry of Energy will continue to move towards the development of renewable energy and contribute to improving energy efficiency

Buslavets announced the beginning of the transformation of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, which should become a key cross-sectoral body for the implementation of the state policy of the "green...

Buslavets: Producers of renewable electricity will receive October’s payments in December

Renewable energy producers received the full payments for August and September.

The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Buslavets: the Ministry of Energy is headed by Boyko

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted two draft resolutions on personnel decisions in the Ministry of Energy.

Buslavets: the Ministry of Energy is developing a roadmap for Ukraine's hydrogen energy

Several options for transporting Ukrainian-made hydrogen to Europe are being considered.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine opposed the import of electricity from Belarus and Russia

Buslavets told about the approved forecast balance for 2021.

The Ministry of Energy presented the forecast balance of electricity of the IPS for 2021

Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets held a meeting at which the main indicators of the forecast balance for 2021 were presented.

The Ministry of Energy initiates the creation of the Decarbonization Fund

The Ministry of Energy developed the initiative with the support of the Ukrainian-Danish Energy Center and the State Agency on Energy Efficiency.

The Ministry of Energy opposes the privatization of Energoatom

The Ministry is in favor of corporate governance reform.

Germany may provide €20 million to a multifund for reforming the coal industry in Ukraine – Buslavets

The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany proposed creating a corresponding multi-fund.