ГарПок и «Укрэнерго» задолжали «Энергоатому» 9,4 млрд грн

По состоянию на 1 июля 2020 года общий объем задолженности перед «Энергоатомом» составлял около 21 млрд грн.

Gas reserves in the UGSF of Ukraine increased by 2.6% last week

As of July 11, Ukrainian gas storage facilities were 67% full.

Slavyanska TPP suspended work

Donetskoblgaz suspended gas supply to TPPs.

Dobropilvuhillya begins working after signing a contract with Centrenergo

The company was idle for 5 months.

The Ministry of Energy and Energoatom reached a compromise on the revision of the new Charter

The key positions of the new edition of the Charter were discussed, in particular, the creation of a supervisory board.

NEURC raised the tariff for electricity transmission

The tariff increase is due to the new volume of expenses on increasing the share of renewable energy sources.

DTEK Oil&Gas will conduct large-scale green seismic exploration

The cordless technology of "green seismic" is considered to be the most innovative and environmentally friendly method of seismic exploration.

The Ministry of Energy has chosen SoLR in the natural gas market

5 members of the commission voted in favor.

Naftogaz launched a solar station in Kharkiv region

The station has a FIT since July 2020.

Guaranteed Buyer sold 136 thousand MWh of electricity under bilateral agreements

Delivery period: from July 13 to July 31, 2020.

Energoatom paid debts to Ukrenergo

The company transferred UAH 132.8 million for dispatching.

Centrenergo does not like the option of prepayment for coal in the case of an agreement with DTEK

DTEK and Centrenergo continue to discuss terms for the purchase of coal.