Oil price hikes: Brent went up to $57.28 per barrel

WTI futures have risen in price continuously for six consecutive sessions.

The share of Belgium solar and wind farrms in electricity production amounted to almost 19% in 2020

The construction of two offshore wind farms was completed in 2020.

Brent crude oil rose to $51.12 per barrel

On Tuesday oil quotations rise on optimism about new stimulus measures in the US.

Brent oil price fell to $48.42 per barrel

The spread of coronavirus in the United States after the Christmas holidays may become more intense than after Thanksgiving, experts say.

American natural gas producer files for bankruptcy

Gulfport Energy Corp. is one of the largest natural gas producers in the United States.

Oil prices go up due to news of Covid-19 vaccine

OPEC+ ministers will consider postponing the planned increase in production from 2021.

Brent crude is trading below $40 a barrel again

Since the beginning of this week, Brent has risen in price by 11%, WTI – by more than 8%.

Oil prices are growing steadily

Brent price went up above $40.

Oil prices continue to decline on Monday

A strong drop was recorded last month.

OPEC+ may extend oil production cuts in 2021

Some countries support the idea of extending current production levels beyond 2020.

Oil prices collapsed again: Brent costs $37.12 per barrel

Oil prices lost more than 5% amid new restrictions in the EU.

Oil prices go down again due to rise in the incidence of COVID-19 in the world

Brent costs $41.02 per barrel.