Последнюю угольную станцию ​​в Чили закроют до 2022 года

Блок I производственного филиала Bocamina планируют вывести из эксплуатации до 31 декабря 2020 года.

Southeastern Europe may get EUR 10 billion as EU boosts Just Transition Fund plan

The European Commission has proposed to increase the funds intended for the energy transition of coal regions.

Germany’s coal days are over – smart DER is the future, says BEE

The days of coal-powered generation are over in Germany, according to the country’s renewable energy federation, the Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie (BEE).

350 MW SPP and the largest energy storage will be built in the UK

It will produce the first electricity in 2023.

NEURC approved payments of Guaranteed Buyer for renewables for April

Ukrenergo must pay for services within one business day.

SPP on the territory of the wind farm will be built in Chile

The project will cost about $49 million.