Tesla may become power provider in Germany

The high-profile electric car maker is conducting a survey of German customers to gauge their interest in a Tesla electricity tariff.

German environmentalists dispute the construction of Nord Stream 2 in court

The environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe has applied to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Six Danish cities will switch to electric transport

The country plans to fully switch to electric transport within 10 years.

Renewables outpace nuclear and coal in the US

The latest edition of the US Energy Information Administration’s Electric Power Monthly report shows renewables generated more electricity through May 31 than coal and nuclear.

India set to propose World Solar Bank & mobilize $50 billion in solar funding

In its ongoing efforts to strengthen international solar diplomacy, India is set to launch a major funding initiative.

Naftogaz opened the second charging station

WeEnergy are versatile and suitable for all types of electric vehicles.