Vitrenko is considering increasing the tax on CO2 emissions to offset the difference to renewable electricity producers

According to him, this tax in Ukraine is ten times less than in the European Union.

US power industry will stop using coal by 2033

Renewable energy is expected to account for more than half of the electricity generation in 15 years.

Biomass TPP with 5.9 MW capacity launched in Zhytomyr region

The TPP runs on biomass – wood residues from the woodworking industry.

Tesla calls off 135 thousand electric vehicles in the USA

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has urged Tesla to call off about 158,000 vehicles.

Biden vows to replace U.S. government fleet with electric vehicles

President Joe Biden on Monday vowed to replace the U.S. government’s fleet of roughly 650,000 vehicles with electric models as the new administration shifts its focus toward clean-energy.

Elon Musk is donating $100 million for carbon capture technology

Emissions are becoming an important part of many climate change control plans.

Biden returns to Paris climate accord

The Trump administration left the Paris Agreement in November 2020.

Portugal to close all coal-fired power plants in 2021

There is only one coal-fired power plant left in the country, which is scheduled to close in November.

Saudi Arabia to build a zero-carbon city

It will be able to provide housing for 1 million people, and all the necessary energy will come from clean sources.

Билл Гейтс, Amazon и British Airways инвестируют в разработку водородного самолета

Компания, разрабатывающая водородно-электрическую технологию для питания авиационных двигателей и систем получила инвестиции.

Electric robotaxi Zoox will be able to ride without recharging for 16 hours

Zoox presented a prototype of a robotic taxi.

Новая цель Южной Кореи: довести возобновляемые источники энергии с 6,5% до 21% к 2030 году

Южная Корея увеличивает свою приверженность чистым технологиям, с новыми планами на следующие 13 или 14 лет.