A new hurricane awaits in the Gulf of Mexico: oil prices rise

Royal Dutch Shell has already begun evacuating employees from offshore platforms in preparation for the hurricane.

Brent price went up amid slow recovery in production in the Gulf of Mexico

Over the past week, Brent price increased by 0.4%, WTI – by 0.6%.

Oil prices stabilized on data from the American Petroleum Institute

API data showed a less significant-than-expected decline in US oil stocks last week.

Oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico off the US coast after Hurricane Ida

Currently, the oil stain covers about 16 kilometres of water area.

ExxonMobil will receive 1.5 million barrels of oil from the US strategic petroleum reserve

The US will provide oil to support the market after Hurricane Ida.

Oil prices went down due to results of OPEC+ meeting

OPEC+ kept its plan to increase oil production by 400 thousand barrels per day per month.

Oil prices in March-July 2020: record highs

The situation with oil prices has not demonstrated stability over the past 4 months.

Oil price dynamics amid a price war between OPEC and Russia

Over the past week, world oil quotations have experienced serious volatility.

Oil price dynamics against the backdrop of tensions in the Middle East

After trading on September 16, the futures of benchmark oil, Brent and WTI increased by 12.4% and 14.7% respectively

Dynamics of oil and gas production in the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia

U.S. petroleum and natural gas production increased by 16% and by 12%, respectively, in 2018.