Naftan will further consider long-term refining of Norwegian oil

OPP will analyze the work with the first batch of oil.

Two state mines may be disconnect from power supply due to debts – DTEK

The debt is more than UAH 423 million.

Brazil produced more than 1 billion barrels of oil per year for the first time

The country produced more than 1.018 billion barrels of oil.

Ukrtransnafta completely expelled dirty oil from Druzhba pipeline

The company no longer recorded repeated supplies of contaminated oil.

Belarus wants to import 30% of oil through Ukraine

Belarus considers Ukraine and the Baltic countries as alternative supply routes.

Norway supplied a batch of oil to Belarus

Oil will be delivered through the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.

Ukrainian gas sector results (2nd quarter of 2019)

According to the results of the 2nd quarter of 2019, 5.21 billion cubic meters of natural gas were produced.

Ukrainian gas sector results (1st quarter of 2019)

During the heating season 2018-2019, gas pumping from UGSFs was 5.1 billion cubic meters.

Gas sector in February 2019

Gas imports nearly doubled compered to the previous year.

Indicators of Ukrainian gas industry

Gas transit increased comparing to the same period in 2018.