Pilot projects to transform Ukrainian coal cities are to begin this year

Ukraine has 61 coal regions that depend on mono-enterprises.

The Ministry of Energy and the British ERM are to prepare a project for the transformation of the coal region in Ukraine

The program is funded by the British government and provides for the development of a project for the transformation of one of the coal regions of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Energy announced the full repayment of wage debts to miners for 2021

According to the Ministry of Energy, a total of almost UAH 1.1 billion was transferred to the miners.

The miners of the State Enterprise Lvivuhillya paid off the wage arrears for January-March

Arrears in payments will be paid after receipt of funds from the sale of coal products.

The debts of 2021 owed to miners will be paid off in the coming days

UAH 836.5 million must be transferred to the accounts of coal mining enterprises in the coming days.

Centrenergo has paid more than UAH 475 million to the state mines since the beginning of April

The company mentions the current purchase price of coal does not give Centerenergo an opportunity to reach the level of profitability.

Energy Consumption in Ukraine in January 2020

Ukrainians buy more gasoline and liquefied gas compared to last January.

Ukrainian mines accelerated a decline in coal production

Thermal coal production decreased by 9.4% in 2019 in Ukraine.

Ukrainian mines have slowed the pace of decline in coal production

In Ukraine, thermal coal production decreased by 9.3% for 11 months of 2019.

Thermal coal mining in Ukraine (10 months of 2019)

Over 10 months of 2019 thermal coal production in Ukraine decreased by 9.9%.