Time to pay: Naftogaz reminded district heating companies of debts

Enterprises that do not pay for consumed gas on time will not buy it at fixed prices.

Ukraine reduced the volume of gas imports from the EU by 92%

Natural gas transit through Ukraine increased by almost 16%

Saudi Aramco signed a lease and leaseback deal involving its gas pipeline network

Aramco Gas Pipelines Company, will lease usage rights in Aramco’s gas pipelines network and lease them back to Aramco for a 20-year period.

The state pays off billions of debts of district heating companies

Local budgets will receive funds to pay off gas debts.

The Energy Community reminds Ukraine renewable energy projects still need to get paid

The Energy Community has approved the certification of NPC Ukrenergo.

Gazprom booked a third of Yamal-Europe's capacity for December 2

It booked the same volumes in the previous months, as well as on December 1.

Guaranteed Buyer does not know where to allocate 3 billion of "green" payments

Guaranteed Buyer turned to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request for clarification on further actions.

Moldovagaz transferred a debt to Gazprom for the supplied gas

In October 2021, Moldovagaz and Gazprom extended the contract for the supply of Russian gas.

Oil prices are down by more than 2%

Эксперты считают, что распечатывание резервов нефти приведет к увеличению профицита нефти на мировом рынке.

Naftogaz stressed it fully complied with the terms of the Memorandum, despite the statements of the AUC

However, the Association of Ukrainian Cities stated the volumes of gas to be supplied by Naftogaz at a reduced price would not be enough for the heating season.

Belarus has limited oil pumping through Druzhba, calling it "unscheduled repairs"

In early November, the migration crisis worsened on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Britain urges Europeans to unite against Nord Stream 2

They noted that the pipeline could undermine European security, allowing Russia to increase its influence.