Energy companies’ money: revenue, import and export

How much have our energy companies earned, what did they buy and sell abroad.

Burshtyn TPP downsizes staff

DTEK does not officially comment on the situation.

Cyber threat or cybersecurity: what is really happening in the domestic energy sector?

Read opinions of market participants and state representatives about cybersecurity in Ukraine.

DTEK tested exoskeletons for work in mines and thermal power plants

The development has already been tested by employees of Ternovska and Prydniprovska TPPs’ mines.

DTEK opened Orlovska wind farm with a capacity of 100 MW

The company invested €131 million in the project.

Coal reserves at thermal power plants exceeded last year's figures by 2% for the first time

Coal reserves amount to almost 1.9 million tons.

Gas production by companies for 5 months of 2019

8800 million cubic meters of gas were produced for 5 months of 2019 in Ukraine.

Coal mining in Ukraine

For 5 month of 2019, 12 807 thousand tons of coal was mined in Ukraine. The plan was implemented by 98.7%.

Renewables growth dynamics

As of today the total capacity of renewables in Ukraine is 2978.6 MW.

WEM functioning in Ukraine

According to the results of 20 days of March, the average selling price of electricity in WEM was 1 150.77 UAH/MWh.