The EC prepares a legislative basis for the implementation of the hydrogen market

The bills will help decarbonize the European gas market and create a hydrogen one.

Zelenskyi: Ukraine is ready to reduce the cost of gas transit

Ukraine is also ready to provide its underground storage facilities for storing strategic fuel stocks.

The Ministry of Energy: Ukraine will become an active participant in the Nord Stream 2 certification process

The European Commissioner for Energy confirmed her readiness to consult with Ukraine in the process of preparing an opinion on the certification of the gas pipeline.

The EU explained the criteria by which gas stations can be called environmentally friendly

The EC can recognize investments in gas and nuclear power plants as ‘green’.

The European Commission kept its promise and financially helped Moldova

The EC has allocated funds to Moldova to overcome the gas crisis.

Europe promises to help Moldova solve the gas crisis

The EU promises to help the country negotiate with Gazprom.

Gas transit contract lowers prices in Europe

Prices for European gas hubs began to decline sharply at the end of December.