EU may restrict gas pumping bypassing Ukraine

The Advocate General recommended that the EU Court reject Germany's appeal against the decision to restrict Gazprom's use of the OPAL gas pipeline.

Vice President of the European Commission says Europe does not need Nord Stream 2

According to him, the EU Commission must ensure the pipeline is used following EU rules.

The EU will stop importing batteries for electric vehicles by 2025

The EU is currently building 15 factories, which will allow launching mass production of reliable batteries.

All coal mines to be closed in Poland by 2049

The Polish government has agreed with trade unions to close the mines.

Top shipping insurance group will not cover ships linked to Nord Stream 2

The world’s largest group of shipping insurers will not insure vessels involved in the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream gas pipeline projects because of the threat of U.S. sanctions.

Turkey may soon announce the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

By the end of the year, a floating platform for natural gas storage will arrive in Turkey.

Gas transit contract lowers prices in Europe

Prices for European gas hubs began to decline sharply at the end of December.