Ukrtransnafta transported 1.6 million tons of oil in March

The total volume of oil transportation increased by 14.8% compared to March last year.

Belarus wants to buy oil from Russia at $4 per barrel

The price of Russian Urals oil fell to $10.5 per barrel.

The United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia will jointly deal with the issue of oil prices – Trump

Now countries are discussing this issue.

MP proposes to completely ban the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus

The corresponding draft law was registered in the Parliament.

Electricity exports from Ukraine increased by 33.7% in 2 months

Ukraine increased its export of electricity by 362.5 million kWh in January-February 2020.

Experts say that there is a possibility of reduction in Brent prices below $20 per barrel

The price of WTI, according to their estimates, may be lower by another $3-5 per barrel.

Electricity exports from Ukraine grew by 4.9% in 2019

Despite the growth of imports by 88 times according to last year’s results.

Electricity imports to Ukraine has reached 81% of exports since the launching of the market

The share of imports amounted to 38% of the level of exports for 11 months of the year.