Gas price in Europe went up to $320/thous. cub. m

The spot gas price continued increasing, despite the heat coming to the region.

Azerbaijan reduced oil exports by 4% in January-February 2021

Among other things, the decline in oil exports is due to a reduction in production under the OPEC+ deal.

Ukraine resumed electricity export to Europe

The resumption of exports became possible after a decrease in electricity consumption in Ukraine as a result of warming, as well as an increase in the load on nuclear power plants.

The Ministry of Finance approved the financial plan of NPC Ukrenergo for 2021

The planned volume of electricity transmission in 2021 is provided at the level of 138.96 million MWh.

Russian oil exports to non-CIS countries fell sharply

Oil supplies fell by 21.6% in two months compared to the same period last year.

Gazprom Neft's net debt grew by 10% in 2020

In 2019, the company's net debt decreased by 5.7% compared to 2018.

Electricity exports from Ukraine grew by 4.9% in 2019

Despite the growth of imports by 88 times according to last year’s results.

Electricity imports to Ukraine has reached 81% of exports since the launching of the market

The share of imports amounted to 38% of the level of exports for 11 months of the year.