Ukraine has increased gas imports from Europe

Gas imports in September increased by 17% compared to August 2021.

Gas prices in Europe exceeded $800/thous. cub. m

A little more than a month remains before the transition from injection to withdrawal from underground storage facilities.

Ukraine increased gas imports by 68 million m3 in August

In August, the volume of gas transported from the EU to Ukraine amounted to almost 567 million m3.

Miller: Supplies via Nord Stream 2 may begin in the current heating season

In August, Gazprom announced that it expected to supply 5.6 billion cubic meters of gas via the pipeline this year.

Zelenskyy hopes to get energy security guarantees for Ukraine from Merkel

Zelenskyy noted that Angela Merkel is guided by pragmatic considerations in relations with Russia.

Gazprom named the possible volume of supplies via Nord Stream 2 in 2021

The exact date of the gas pipeline launch has not yet been announced.

Gas price in Europe went up to $600 per thousand cubic meters

Gazprom refused to book additional capacities for gas transit through Ukraine.

Polish Foreign Ministry: Russia uses Nord Stream 2 to blackmail Ukraine and Europe

The Polish Foreign Minister said that Russia is making it clear that it will use the pipeline as an instrument of political blackmail.

In July, gas imports from the EU amounted to almost 498 million cubic meters

93% of the gas volume was imported by backhaul from Hungary and Poland.

Gas price reached $520/thous. cub. m in Europe

On average, since the beginning of the year, a day-ahead contract for TTF cost $301 per thousand cubic meters.

Gazprom bought all additional transit capacity of Ukraine for August

The entire volume was requested.

Merkel: Ukraine should remain a gas transit country in case of completion of Nord Stream 2

Angela Merkel, during a joint briefing with Zelenskyн, stated the need to preserve the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.